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Boys Only Class

In response to research findings and our own observations about boys’ learning and achievement it was decided in Term 4 of 2007 to trial two boys-only classes in 2008. Girls in recent times have become much more successful in pursuing their educational goals than boys, who tend to be over represented in areas of remedial education and higher levels of behavioural problems.  Since that trial year, we have had at least one class of boys only each year, dependent on numbers at the Year 5/6 and/or 3/4 level.  In 2019, there is no boys only class due to the numbers of students

These classes have been very successful in countering the trends that have been identified through research projects.  The members of these classes exhibit a more positive attitude to learning, can work collaboratively and have been less likely to find themselves involved in playground issues.  The relationships they have with their teachers is of the utmost importance, and all students have talked about how much they feel their teachers care about them – this has a huge impact on their school life.  Alongside this, the classroom programme is different in the way learning areas are timetabled, with most having intense learning followed by a short burst of high physical activity. The range of topics also tend to be more boy friendly, with an element of relevance or practicality to it.

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