There are two bus routes which service our school. Please contact the school office to check if your child is eligible to travel on the bus as the buses are only for the children who live on the bus route – No ‘extras’ will be allowed on the bus. The children on the buses are looked after by our Bus Wardens who are trained by our Police Education Officer. To ensure our children’s safety, cars are not to be parked in the bus bays between 8:30am and 9:15am or between 2:30pm and 3:45pm.

Wairere Road Bus – starts at approximately 8:30am picking up children on Wairere Road and Duffys Road on left side, the bus turns at Jonkers/Horseman Road. It then proceeds down Wairere Road arriving at school at approximately 8:55am. The bus leaves the school for the return trip by 3:10pm and then return for our Bethells children.

Bethells Beach Bus
– leaves the bus leaves the beach at 8:00 and proceeds to school. Most children are picked up as the bus travels to school at major meeting places such as the fire station, Te Aute Ridge Road East & West, Tasman View Road and the bottom of Te Henga Road. The bus reaches school at approximately 8:30am. The bus leaves the school for the return trip by 3:40pm.