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Discovery Learning

Discovery Learning is an opportunity for children to learn, explore and develop through practical hands on experiences. The focus of these sessions is learning about the key competencies.  Children are offered a wide range of activities including carpentry, construction, painting, water play, cooking, dress ups, physical play, blocks, colouring activities, play dough, hut building and imaginative play, science experiments, craft activities and more. Activites change weekly depending on the key competency focus that is being explored.

The key competencies are:

  • thinking

  • using language, symbols, and texts

  • managing self

  • relating to others

  • participating and contributing.


How Does Discovery Learning Operate?

Classes from Year 0 –2  meet for Discovery Learning. We begin each session with a group gathering. Structured tasks are explained and discussed, as well as all the activities on offer. Children are then able to explore their chosen activities. At the end of each session, we come together again as a group for reflection time. Children have a chance to share their learning with the rest of the group and reflect on the processes they have been through. Children’s wonderings are also discussed, which help to form a basis for future Discovery learning sessions.

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