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At Waitakere Primary School our curriculum and learning is tailored to learning not only within the classroom but beyond this to include the wider community. At Waitakere Primary School, E - learning is used to support and enhance 21st century learning. It includes effective use of digital resources and learning tools, collaboration with peers and teachers, opportunities to be part of a wider learning community.


Students can engage and collaborate online through safe, shared spaces that are managed and overseen by the E Learning leaders and Xanadu (I.T. support) on Microsoft Office 365. A part of our E Learning includes teaching students about being a positive digital citizen online within school and at home.


We provide BYOD along with the school’s own devices that can be utilised by all students across the school and across the cloud. Waitakere Primary School offers Year 5 - 8 students the option of bringing their own Notebook to school to:

  • Share and celebrate their learning with families

  • Prepare children for future schooling  as they move on to high school

We believe devices are integral to our learning. This provides students with opportunities to make connections, gives the students choice and ownership, increases levels of engagement and allows learning to be even more flexible and responsive to the students needs and interests.

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