Home Learning

After another successful year last year we are continuing with our Home learning challenges. We had very useful feedback from parents at the end of the year and have reviewed and revised the challenges to make them more achievable and engaging. Homework will still be a contentious issue but as we continue with the Home learning challenges hopefully more and more students and families will see the benefit.


  • The Wave Challenges – these challenges provide a significant amount of meaningful, community-based home learning that may include many tasks your child is already involved in. The challenges have been tailored to meet each year level.


This programme is aligned with the New Zealand Curriculum’s vision of developing life-long learners, the key competencies, and our school vision.  It offers a wide range of enjoyable and interesting tasks involving the family as well as the child. This programme moves away from the “chew and spew” type of activity (go and google information, put it on a sheet of paper and hand it in), to learning that has more relevance in the life of the child.


We will continue to seek feedback from the community towards the end of the year so that we can build and continue the success from previous years. We look forward to celebrating your child’s achievements and successes through the year.

Guidelines for Home Learning Expectations and expectations for Students who arrive after Term 1. 

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