Ika Year 3-4 The Fish

In Te Ika team, Year 3 and 4 students use the Learning Wave to become aware of the skills needed to be an independent learner. They learn to take responsibility for their belongings, actions and their own learning. In Year 3 and 4 we also focus on how we can make a difference within our classrooms and wider community.

Math Fun!

February 19, 2020

We are having lots of fun being math problem solvers! In this task we have to try and get two fruit bursts that have the same colour, but you can only pass your fruit burst to an empty hand. This tasks encouraged collaboration, problem solving, and creativity in order to solve it! 

Hikoi from Te Henga to O'Neil Bay

January 01, 2020

At the start of the year we got to enjoy a scenic walk/hikoi from Bethells beach to O'Neil Bay. Matua Rewi, our school kaumatua was our tour guide, telling us local stories about places of significance along the way. We are so lucky to have such knowledgeable people in our school community. 

Mixed media self-portraits

March 12, 2020

The amazing Year 3-4 Nga ika team has been learning about self portraits. We have had heaps of fun using a range of mediums to create portraits of ourselves. We have used pastel and have also learnt all about sketching and pencil techniques before we sketched ourselves. We have had some amazing finished portraits!

Kahawai kids!

February 27, 2020

‘Kahawai Kids’ are like a family of fish. They are strong in the water and have been developing their swimming skills by being in the pool nearly every school day this  year. They care for each other and show respect to each other. They are prepared to help each other learn and share resources fairly. They wear their class T Shirt with pride at Whole School Assemblies and when special visitors come to the classroom or when they go visiting off site.

Poems galore!

February 20, 2020

The Year 3-4 team has been learning to write a range of poems. We explored acrostic, cinquain, and bio poems. We created colourful patterned art work for the back ground. We used laptops to type up our poems using Word, saved it, and printed it out. We shared on our digital learning journal SeeSaw so that our families could enjoy our work as well. 

New Zealanders who've influenced CHANGE

December 02, 2018

Room 9 has been learning about New Zealanders who have influenced change. We have learned about Sir Edmund Hillary, Kate Sheppard, Ernest Rutherford and Ta Apirana Ngata then followed up our learning by investigating other New Zealanders we have found interesting. We presented our findings as posters, booklets and power points. 

Hub & Pod Trip to the Zoo

October 31, 2018

The Hub has been travelling all over the world this year taking Virtual Skype Trips to learn all about animals. We have been to Point Lobos National Park to learn about the kelp forest and the sea creatures that live there, to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, to Namibia to learn about cheetahs and more! We invited our buddy class, The Pod, to join us in a trip to Auckland Zoo so that we could see animals in real life too. 

Plastic Soup Inquiry

November 15, 2018

Room 7’s Inquiry about Change has lead to a lot of interest and research on the world’s plastic problem with a particular interest in Plastic Soup (the effects of plastic in the ocean). Here is some of our work. 

Room 9's Collaborative Art

December 02, 2018

At the beginning of the year Room 9 did this collaborative piece of art. We talked about the whakatauki (proverb) in the artwork and how it relates to us as a class. We often refer to this to remind us to work as a team and be patient with one another.

Inspiration from Steve Hathaway

November 15, 2018

A number of classes enjoyed a talk last week about the ocean and its sea life, as well as the plastic problem in the ocean from Steve Hathaway at Young Ocean Explorers. Room 7 chose a sea creature they were interested in and wrote a poem about it.

Painting Techniques with Room 8

August 27, 2018

Room 8 has been learning different brush techniques in painting. After watching a video, we practised the different techniques, which were dragging, cross-hatching and dabbing.

We then created these sunset scenes using the techniques learned.

Soup Day!

June 17, 2018

Year 3 & 4 camp is coming up soon and we were faced with a problem - we needed to raise some extra money to fund it. The Hub therefore decided to make some soup and sell it to staff and students.

We first started by gathering some data to find out what the students' favourite flavours were. Once that was decided, we then got busy in the kitchen chopping vegetables and cooking two delicious flavours; Creamy Chicken & Vegetable and Pumpkin soup.

We raised over $300 and would like to thank our community for supporting us and Countdown for donating the fresh buns. 

Waitakere Cheetahs Netball

May 22, 2018

Our Year 3 netball team, The Waitakere Cheetahs won their first game 3-2! Player of the day was awarded to Ivy for showing resilience and perseverance. Congratulations to all the girls for their teamwork. 

Writing About the Holidays

May 10, 2018

​Room 8 reflected on what they did in the holidays. Our picture reflections were drawn on our sunglasses that we made for our self-portraits. When initially planning our stories, we used a mind-map to record our ideas about each picture, including key words we wanted to incorporate in our recount. Along with using an interesting hook to gain the reader’s interest, the children used a connecting sentence to link the second paragraph to the first.

Art Installation by the Hub

April 29, 2018

Last term The Hub learnt all about Art Installations! We now know that an art installation is...

  • art that is created, constructed, or installed on the site

  • art that is often three dimensional

  • art that is designed to transform a space



We knew ANZAC Day was coming up and after reading the famous poem 'In Flanders Field' we chose to create a Poppy Art Installation.

First we created a template flower which we then paper mached with 3 layers of paper.

Our next step was to paint the poppies a vibrant red colour. We added several layers of paint too.

Next, we added the stamen with a pipe cleaner and decorated our wire stalks with green straws.

Our last step was to create the art installation!

Our school has been enjoying it every day this week! Did you seen it too?


We hope that our art made our viewers ask questions! Questions like....

  • What do you see, hear or sense?

  • Do you see more? What more can you find?

  • How does this work of art make you feel?

  • What is this work of art about? Is there a message?

  • How does this work of art relate to you?

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Year 3 & 4 Challenges

Year 3 & 4 Challenges