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Te Moana Year 3-4 The Ocean

In Te Moana team, Year 3 and 4 students use the Learning Wave to become aware of the skills needed to be an independent learner. They learn to take responsibility for their belongings, actions and their own learning. In Year 3 and 4 we also focus on how we can make a difference within our classrooms and wider community.

In the Year 3-4 Te Moana team, we benefit from solid Waitakere foundations. We encourage further independence as we work collaboratively with our students to create learning experiences that are meaningful and engaging. Students develop further confidence with digital technologies such as iPads and laptops as they are used to empower learning and deepen understanding. We challenge students to reach their potential and become confident learners. 


As a Year 3-4 student, you start to realise your role in the school community and begin to take on more responsibility as a learner. You will become more aware of what you are learning, why you are learning it, and your next learning steps. Your teacher/s will be working alongside you to ensure he/she meets your varying needs. You will use SeeSaw to share your amazing work with your whanau. Please talk to my teacher if you need help setting it up on your laptop or phone. 

Year 3 & 4 Challenges

Year 3 & 4 Challenges

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