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Innovative Learning Environment

ILEs are flexible learning spaces. Our spaces in the ILEs can be easily configured and used in a number of different ways to support and enable a range of teaching and learning approaches on any given day or at any time of the day. They support single teacher whole ‘class’ teaching practice, or can be adapted to a broader range of teaching and learning practices and groupings. The principles of both the NZ Curriculum and Innovative Learning Environments are present in traditional classrooms.


However, both are enabled and can be enhanced in our flexible learning spaces through collaborative teaching. We are meeting the needs of learners through a range of teaching approaches, a range of spaces and quality resources. Our teachers in these spaces comment that it allows the power of teacher collaboration to be maximised in ways not possible in traditional classrooms. The flexible learning space also allows our teachers to structure multiple learning areas and activities, so students can learn at the level appropriate to their own development.

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