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Steep Mountains

Maunga Year 7-8 The Mountains

Akonga entering the Maunga Team can expect to take on many leadership opportunities and responsibilities from around the school, as well as sporting opportunities that are presented to them. A key focus is on developing lifelong learners who can work collaboratively, confidently, independently and are responsible digital citizens who will be well equipped for High School.

In Year 7-8 our students continue to build on their skills and knowledge from earlier years. We have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy for our learners, weaving these skills across the full curriculum to better understand the world around them and transition to their secondary school.


They have authentic opportunities to develop and use new skills through sporting zone days, academic competitions (such as Mathex, Kids Lit Quiz, Otago Problem Solving, EPro8 Challenges),  leadership groups (school/house leaders, cultural, sporting, student welfare, environment leaders, school councillors, librarians, kaitiaki, road patrollers, walking school bus monitors, and bus monitors) and working with staff and students throughout our school.


With a focus on BYOD for our seniors, Year 7-8 students work effectively with Office 365 and digital tools to gain skills they will use for their learning in their secondary education and beyond. Teachers and students also use the Seesaw app to share work with whanau and set goals to help them progress even further.


On Fridays students attend sessions at Taupaki school for tech which includes wood/design, sewing, 3D printing, and food. At school we also have specialist sessions on these days where students can develop in music, digital technologies, construction and engineering, the visual arts and learning languages.

Year 7 & 8  Home Learning

Year 7 & 8 Home Learning

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