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MST/Maths Club

Our school is fortunate enough to be participating in the Ministry of Education maths programme again this year; M.S.T (Mathematics Specialist Teacher).


Selected children will participate in their normal mathematics classroom programme and in addition will receive an extra 30 minute session four times a week for 12-20 weeks. Children identified benefit from extra support to lift their achievement, boost their confidence and hopefully improve their attitude towards mathematics.  MST sessions are referenced as Maths Club sessions and are based on problem solving math, grounded in real life situations.


Whenever possible families will be kept informed of their progress via e-mail and will be given some helpful ideas to support learning at home. There may be times when children will bring home a game to be played with the whole family which supports the mathematical knowledge or strategy they are learning about.  


Parents of children working on the M.S.T programme are welcome to attend a lesson in action to help gain a better understanding of the programme.  Please feel free to pop in to meet me and ask any questions you may have, my room is Room 7 1/2 - between rooms 7 and 8. 

I look forward to teaching your child and working with you to support their learning.

Michaela Thompson

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