Parent Teacher Association

We are delighted to promote the Awesome Inc Gratitude Journals to our school community.  Awesome Inc believe that gratitude is the secret to being happier and more resilient. Gratitude Journals are available in a range of designs for adults and kids. Our school receives 10% from every sale. 

What we do

  • Provide a link between students, the home, parents/caregivers and the school.

  • Arrange activities and special events to supplement the academic programme and enhance the school’s sense of community in conjunction and consultation with the school, Board of Trustees, Sustainability Group, Te Runanga and the community.

  • Be a vehicle for fundraising to support teaching and learning.

  • Help finance items from the strategic plan as identified by the Board of Trustees.



Where to find us

We use Facebook for updates and PTA news. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.
Our Facebook page is a general discussion forum about school and related community interest items and is run separately to the official school-run Facebook page. 
Chairpersons:  John Buchanan 810 8988
Secretary: Cathie Siebert 021993382
Treasurer: Jackie Wilson-Barker 810 7165

Join Us!



PTA meetings are held on the evening of the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm in the staff room.  Dates are confirmed in the school newsletter and via Facebook.  Our meetings are informal and friendly, where we discuss all current business, make decisions about use of funds and plan events and support for school ventures.  All welcome - please come along, get involved with our projects and support your school!


Friends of the School (FOS)

FOS is your opportunity to become involved with the PTA if you are unable to attend the evening meetings. We ask for help at school events via Facebook to build our team of volunteers.



Our Initiatives

During the year we achieve a lot for our wonderful school and its students.  Our big fundraising goal has been the senior playground - we have run several great events to support this cause.  We achieved our goal of $24,000 for the senior playground "Rotating Climber" and continue to provide funds for its completion.


We look forward to organising student discos, sizzling sausages, fun family and community events, along with some new fundraising initiatives to ensure we can continue to fund equipment, programmes and events that are part of the school's strategic plan.



Get involved!

The PTA realise the importance of working with the school to fulfill the needs of our children and nurture them to become the best they can be, therefore we are also involved in non-profit events such as Grandparent's Day, athletics, working bees and the Home Learning Challenge celebration.

We still have copies of our popular school cook book "Waitakere on Plate" available for purchase at the office.  Over 200 pages of tried and true recipes and a real keepsake of our community. $25

ECO TANKA Stainless Steel Drink Bottles - 600ml “Mini Tanka”. Priced from $22.50 these are a sustainable and hygienic alternative to plastic drink bottles.  

PHONE : 8109607
MOBILE: 027 610 9607