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Penny Jackson

Waitakere Primary’s  Sustainability Group

We are a small but committed group of parents and teachers who are passionate about the environment and sustainable philosophy and practices.  Sustainability is part of the NZ curriculum and educating children in sustainability fits very well with the Values and Key Competencies.

Achievements so Far:

* created raised veggie/flower beds for the children with a view to “garden to table” type activities

* started a garden club for the children – every Thursday and Friday lunchtime – all welcome

* landscaped the area around the veggie beds/junior playground

* landscaped the space that used to be the memorial garden

* amenity planting throughout school grounds

* planted shade trees – (with plans to plant a lot more)

* extended the worm farms/created compost bins – soon all food scraps will be utilised

* advised school on its environmental policy

* instigated the “trees for survival” program

* made steps towards joining the enviro schools program

* visited other enviro schools for inspiration

* initiated a “waste audit”

* fund raised for materials and tools

* fund raised for the school

* school grounds are now spray free

Our Philosophy

In essence “Sustainable Schools” promote learning that sustains the health of environment, ecosystems and people. It relies on the place of learning (school) being an example of the future we all wish to see in the world. Learning includes engaging in the physical, social, ecological processes, enhancement of biodiversity and recycling of materials, nutrients and elements at every opportunity. It is adapted to local conditions, promotes resilience and refrains from the overuse of external  inputs with adverse effects. Sustainable schools combines tradition, innovation, arts and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved.

Our aim is to promote the ‘Sustainable Schools Programme” by providing support, ideas and action in regards to sustainable and environmental elements underlying school’s :

·         policies & practices,
·         curriculum & themes,
·         philosophy & values
·         grounds/buildings

We meet once a term and hold working bees for our various projects (usually once a term).  Over 2012/13 we will be developing a “Vision Map” for the children and their parents/teachers to have input into, which will, we hope, find a pride of place in the school. It will outline our hopes and dreams for WPS’s sustainable future. If this all sounds like you then we would love to hear from you! We welcome any new members or passive supporters. Any contribution, no matter how small, will be appreciated!

Please email us c/o  if you would like to be included in our email list or if you would like to come to meetings/join in.

School vegetable garden                                                 Teaching students how to make compost.