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Ride the Wave

Our school strives to inspire and empower our students to be creative and critical thinkers who have a strong sense of self-worth, so they can contribute positively as future citizens to society.




Arts & Culture



Our school is made up of four teams, from the youngest most curious bird to the mightiest independent mountain. All our whanau groups are underpinned by the Waitakere values of responsibility, respect and resilience. Click through for more from each team.



It is with much regret the Board have made the difficult decision to cancel the Centennial celebrations in April due to the expected escalation of the Omicron outbreak.  We are really disappointed that we have had to do this, but along with all the other event planners in New Zealand that have prioritised safety above all else, we feel this is the responsible thing to do.  The up side is that we have been putting together a beautiful full colour glossy A4 sized book which is looking fabulous.  Centennial book covers the history of Waitakere School and the Waitakere Community, we are aiming to have this published in April and it will be available for purchase for $25 plus postage of $7.20 standard post, plus an additional $4.30 if NZ post considers you rural postage.  If you are a school family we will be able to give the book to your child to take home rather than post it.


Anyone who is requiring a refund of pre purchased tickets please email with the amount you paid and your bank account number and Jeanne can refund your money.  If you have already paid for your book, we will be in contact with you when it is published so we can get it to you.  For anyone else that would like to order a book we will put a new link up on social media and the school website shortly.


Thanks for your support and understanding.

Waitakere School centennial book is available now, It can be purchased from the office for $25. (Not during school holidays)

It is an A4 size, full colour book that covers the 130 year history of our school and the Waitakere community from 1921 - 2021.

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